Thursday, 17 September 2015

Crosscountry day for Opunake Primary School

Room 4, and the rest of Opunake Primary School, ran in the school cross country on Monday this week.  We were lucky enough to have a clear, sunny afternoon and it was great to see friends and whanau come out to support our runners.

Congratulations to all of our runners who trained hard and put in their best effort in the day.  Have a look at some of our individual blogs to find out more about the day!

Hi, my name is Pharrell me and Room 4 did crosscountry.

Every year Opunake Primary School do crosscountry. On cross country we can improve our running and health in our life. 

There were different age groups. Five and six year olds ran 2 laps of the field, seven and eights ran a lap of the block and it goes up. 

My age group was eleven and twelve. This was my race:

As I line up I wonder what will happen to me. Will I fall? Will I die? I breathe and get ready. My friend Reuben said "It's all right, you will beat me any and some of the others." 

Ready, set, go! I run as fast as I can. I run half of the corse. "Hey Pharrell," Reuben said, "Wait up" Reuben fell over. He got badly hurt. This put me down form first to last. As I put him down at the start, I run. I get back in the race. I was coming sixth and on the second lap I was coming fourth. I stay fourth for the rest of the race, three laps. It's the last lap I'm coming fourth someone passes me. He's almost at the finish line. I pass him as I cross the finish. I'm going to Mania.


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