Thursday, 23 July 2015

Room 4 Graphic Designers

The MOA Kluster is a group of 4 school who have organised an award night to celebrate students' achievements in technology and digital design.
One of the sections that we can enter is the graphic design poster.

Our Learning process
First we looked at the criteria for the Graphic Design section of the MOA awards, to make sure our poster would qualify.  

We looked at a range of different advertisements, and talked about how the picture reinforced the message.  We could see how the text and picture flowed and worked together to send the main message.  After looking at these examples, we could identify what made a good poster.  Then it was up to us!

Our Challenge:
We could choose between a food, a destination (place) or an important message (eg fire safety)

  1. Who might use this kind of product?  They will be your target audience for your advertisement.
  2. What information it would be important to provide a possible customer?
  3. What emotive language might you use that would make the product seem attractive?
  4. Look through a selection of ads for ideas on layout, colour and the amount of information that would be appropriate to include.
We evaluated our posters, identifying the changes we made, and how they improved our overall design.

Check out our individual blogs to see what we've come up with!


  1. You are creating some great Graphic Design posters Room 4. I especially like how you are showing your first posters and discussing the changes you have made after discussions with the class. Keep persevering and working diligently.
    Miss Ogle and Room 15

  2. Wow that is awesome. You have worked really hard on that.