Sunday, 24 May 2015

The Elsie Locke writing

Today Miss Churchman gave the class a challenge.  We are going to write an entry for the 2015 Elsie Locke Writing Prize.
Theme for 2015: A story set in New Zealand around the time of the First World War.
WALT: include detail, language features, specific vocabulary.
Story ideas:
  • A young boy’s perspective, their dad has gone to war
  • Sending a husband (soldier) off to war
  • Older brother has gone to war, but I’m stuck at school
  • I’m an older sister and my two younger brothers are going to war
  • A girl receiving letters from her father at war
  • One brother refuses to go to war, the other one goes.

Competition must haves
  1. About 500-600 words long (no longer).
  2. Must be your own work.
  3. Must be about a person who has stayed in NZ at the time of WW1.

Success Criteria (what the judges are looking for)
  • Original story idea that suits the theme
  • Engages the reader
  • Sense of time and place (character and setting are described in a believable and realistic way).
  • Clarity and coherence (makes sense, and ideas flow from one to the next).
A flair with language (uses language features and specific vocabulary effectively and chooses these carefully to suit the mood and what’s happening in the story).
How can we organise our ideas?Plan:
Set the scene / Start off in a way that hooks the reader in
A good few exciting events
One main idea in each paragraph
Problem / exciting moment
Conclusion / solve the problem
So we have been writing madly, hopefully some of our class will have there stories out on there blog.

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