Sunday, 10 May 2015

Miss Macdonald

Miss Macdonald is our fabulous student teacher. She's from Prince Edward Island Canada. Its really good having a new face in the school. Canada is a lovely place full with heaps of nice people and Miss Macdonald is one of them. She truly taught us to be more respectful people.  We really love that she put all the time and effort towards us and our learning.
This is Prince Edward Island and Miss Macdonald is from Charlottetown.

It took her a really long time to get here # 17 hours on a plane. were very glad that she decided to come here because she has a very fun personality. 

Miss Macdonald is going to become a teacher and she came to little old New Zealand to practice teaching on Room 4 Opunake Primary school.Because she taught us really interesting work we learnt about Canada,not a lot of use knew lot about Canada and it was quite cool find out about it. She has a wonderful way of speaking a gentle but fluent voice. One of things she taught us was about nature and nurture we then had to make a project on it. Next we moved on to what made a person there self we also had to make a project on it.

The six weeks Miss Macdonald was here it was a great teacher. She taught our class so many knew things about ourself and about Canada, She taught us about being respectful and good role models. It was hard it say good bye to her.

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