Monday, 16 November 2015

Cooperative Learning with Room 8

This week we have been working with students in Room 8 on a cooperative writing activity.  We have had a focus of describing the characters in our story in a realistic way, so we read a character description to a student in Room 8, and they drew what they thought the person might look like.

When the drawings are complete we will display them with our writing in the school corridor.  then it's time to trade places, and listen to some of the spooky stories our Room 8 buddies have been writing!

It was great fun working together, and having a chance to share our writing with an audience.

Class awards

From the left we have Jazlin, Tristan is holding Dinah's award but she is not here today. Tristan got the principals award, Megan, Josh, and Chase. All these people got these awards for being diligent in their writing.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

National Shake Out!

Everyone, everywhere should know the right action to take before, during and after an earthquake.
Today, Thursday 15 October, is the International ShakeOut Day of Action. New Zealand was the first country to participate this year, at 9:15am!
Organisers were aiming to get 1.5 million New Zealanders to participate, including Opunake Primary School!

Monday, 21 September 2015

Room four weather poems

Room four has being doing weather poems.

Suspense Writing

 Pharrell’s real life story. 

 It’s a thundering night. The power’s still on. I wonder if the power is going out.
Mum left and said 
“I'm going to the shop.” 
I said “no!”
The door shut. Five moments later the power goes out .I set up to attack.
It’s silent.
There’s someone at the door. I hide. I hear footsteps. I got the weapons ready for battle.
Toy cars go flying at the dark figure. I realise it’s mum.

“Sorry mum you look like a burglar that was trying to rob the house Sorry”. 

The Cook Off

In our class room we have a class point system and by the end the term we count up every groups points and the group with the most points gets a prize. The winners for term two were Dallas,Naleeah and Jazlin. As a rewards, they were invited to take part in THE BOYS vs GIRLS COOK-OFF CHALLENGE! To even up the numbers, Dallas was allowed to select one friend to assist him. Teams were assigned the challenge: To create an original, delicious and well presented dish of their choice that would wow judges. They had to prepare, cook and plate the dish on their own. One of the hardest parts was deciding on a dish to cook! We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to make a movie - and that will be coming out soon. Winners to be announced on the big screen!

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Crosscountry day for Opunake Primary School

Room 4, and the rest of Opunake Primary School, ran in the school cross country on Monday this week.  We were lucky enough to have a clear, sunny afternoon and it was great to see friends and whanau come out to support our runners.

Congratulations to all of our runners who trained hard and put in their best effort in the day.  Have a look at some of our individual blogs to find out more about the day!

Hi, my name is Pharrell me and Room 4 did crosscountry.

Every year Opunake Primary School do crosscountry. On cross country we can improve our running and health in our life. 

There were different age groups. Five and six year olds ran 2 laps of the field, seven and eights ran a lap of the block and it goes up. 

My age group was eleven and twelve. This was my race:

As I line up I wonder what will happen to me. Will I fall? Will I die? I breathe and get ready. My friend Reuben said "It's all right, you will beat me any and some of the others." 

Ready, set, go! I run as fast as I can. I run half of the corse. "Hey Pharrell," Reuben said, "Wait up" Reuben fell over. He got badly hurt. This put me down form first to last. As I put him down at the start, I run. I get back in the race. I was coming sixth and on the second lap I was coming fourth. I stay fourth for the rest of the race, three laps. It's the last lap I'm coming fourth someone passes me. He's almost at the finish line. I pass him as I cross the finish. I'm going to Mania.


Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Well done to Sinead, the winner of our Principal's Certificate this week, who has been showing real responsibility for her learning.  It's great to see students like Sinead putting such a great effort into producing high quality learning tasks, and continuing to work on projects out of school hours.  Keep up the awesome effort.

Our P.R.I.D.E. certificates this week were awarded to: Tyler, Kiana, Emma, Ramari and Sean, who have also been working diligently to complete learning tasks to a high standard.  Great work guys!

Monday, 24 August 2015

Week 5 Certificates

Well done to Room 4 students who have received P.R.I.D.E certificates this week: Pharrell, Megan, Naleeah, Tyler and Ariana.
Our Principal's Certificate was awarded to Tyler, who has been staying focussed and persevering on learning tasks to produce great quality work.  Great job Tyler!

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Rising flood water closes schools in Opunake

Opunake Primary School students stayed home from school yesterday due to flooding.  Check out their reports on their individual blogs.
"On Thursday Opunake residents were shocked to find their homes surrounded in knee deep water.  The rural town had received significant rain over night shutting down schools and flooding many businesses." 
- Tyler

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

We are proud of all the kids that received pride certificate this week they are Naiomi, Louie, Montana, Naleah, Emma and Travis.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Room 4 Graphic Designers

The MOA Kluster is a group of 4 school who have organised an award night to celebrate students' achievements in technology and digital design.
One of the sections that we can enter is the graphic design poster.

Our Learning process
First we looked at the criteria for the Graphic Design section of the MOA awards, to make sure our poster would qualify.  

We looked at a range of different advertisements, and talked about how the picture reinforced the message.  We could see how the text and picture flowed and worked together to send the main message.  After looking at these examples, we could identify what made a good poster.  Then it was up to us!

Our Challenge:
We could choose between a food, a destination (place) or an important message (eg fire safety)

  1. Who might use this kind of product?  They will be your target audience for your advertisement.
  2. What information it would be important to provide a possible customer?
  3. What emotive language might you use that would make the product seem attractive?
  4. Look through a selection of ads for ideas on layout, colour and the amount of information that would be appropriate to include.
We evaluated our posters, identifying the changes we made, and how they improved our overall design.

Check out our individual blogs to see what we've come up with!

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Opunake high school open day

Yesterday the year 8's from Opunake primary went to the high school. We did this for an open day that the high school has every year to introduce the year 8's, and their parents to the school. The principal does this to help the students decide on the high school  that they go to.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Academic Day

We are proud to tell you that on June the 11th our schools top students participated in an academic day. That day we took 6 student up to kaponga for the event. The event was hosted at kaponga primary. There we competed in 4 events spelling, numeracy, literacy, and general knowledge.
We sadly didn't win spelling but we did win numeracy, we also tied for literacy, we were so close to winning in total but in general knowledge we lost by one.

Class Awards

This week our class awards have been awarded to Jazlin , Naleeah, Travis, Megan, Denishea, and last but not least Louie.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Class awards

These are our class certificates.

Every week our class gets 5 PRIDE last week Chase, Pharrell, Jazlin, Dinah and Sinead but she was absent when we took the picture. Naleeah got the principal award.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Charlie's farewell

Today it's Charlie's last day she's moving to Kerikeri a 10 hour trip. A lot of us who are close to her are really going to miss her. Her personality, and her smiles and bubblyness. Everyone at opunake primary is going to miss you. Have a great time in Kerikeri.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

The Elsie Locke writing

Today Miss Churchman gave the class a challenge.  We are going to write an entry for the 2015 Elsie Locke Writing Prize.
Theme for 2015: A story set in New Zealand around the time of the First World War.
WALT: include detail, language features, specific vocabulary.
Story ideas:
  • A young boy’s perspective, their dad has gone to war
  • Sending a husband (soldier) off to war
  • Older brother has gone to war, but I’m stuck at school
  • I’m an older sister and my two younger brothers are going to war
  • A girl receiving letters from her father at war
  • One brother refuses to go to war, the other one goes.

Competition must haves
  1. About 500-600 words long (no longer).
  2. Must be your own work.
  3. Must be about a person who has stayed in NZ at the time of WW1.

Success Criteria (what the judges are looking for)
  • Original story idea that suits the theme
  • Engages the reader
  • Sense of time and place (character and setting are described in a believable and realistic way).
  • Clarity and coherence (makes sense, and ideas flow from one to the next).
A flair with language (uses language features and specific vocabulary effectively and chooses these carefully to suit the mood and what’s happening in the story).
How can we organise our ideas?Plan:
Set the scene / Start off in a way that hooks the reader in
A good few exciting events
One main idea in each paragraph
Problem / exciting moment
Conclusion / solve the problem
So we have been writing madly, hopefully some of our class will have there stories out on there blog.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The ITM cup came to opunake primary school

This is room 4 with the ITM cup.

The ITM cup came to Opunake school an Dylan and Laim took it around the classes. When they bang it round to our class we got a group photo with the cup in the middle.
This is Sinead and the cup.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Character and setting writing

We are learning to use language features and specific vocabulary at the appropriate time to make our writing more descriptive.
Our teacher gave us a collection of photos, and we could choose a character, and a setting/background. From there we wrote up a plan, which included the following:

  1. Set the scene / Start off in a way that hooks the reader in
  2. A good few exciting events
  3. One main idea in each paragraph
  4. Problem / exciting moment
  5. Conclusion / solve the problem
The next thing we had to self edit. We then had to publish on our blog or type it up.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Hey guys,
 Room 4 is back with the posts.

                        Expect all of our blogs to be revamped and looking better than ever.
We'll be posting all about our work and our big events.  There are a bunch of kids in Room 4 with great blogs. Here are a few that are looking fantastic:

Miss Macdonald

Miss Macdonald is our fabulous student teacher. She's from Prince Edward Island Canada. Its really good having a new face in the school. Canada is a lovely place full with heaps of nice people and Miss Macdonald is one of them. She truly taught us to be more respectful people.  We really love that she put all the time and effort towards us and our learning.
This is Prince Edward Island and Miss Macdonald is from Charlottetown.

It took her a really long time to get here # 17 hours on a plane. were very glad that she decided to come here because she has a very fun personality. 

Miss Macdonald is going to become a teacher and she came to little old New Zealand to practice teaching on Room 4 Opunake Primary school.Because she taught us really interesting work we learnt about Canada,not a lot of use knew lot about Canada and it was quite cool find out about it. She has a wonderful way of speaking a gentle but fluent voice. One of things she taught us was about nature and nurture we then had to make a project on it. Next we moved on to what made a person there self we also had to make a project on it.

The six weeks Miss Macdonald was here it was a great teacher. She taught our class so many knew things about ourself and about Canada, She taught us about being respectful and good role models. It was hard it say good bye to her.

Thursday, 5 February 2015


We are preparing for our first formal powhiri of the year, which will be held on February 9th.  Parents and whanau are welcome to attend. Check out our class google site to practise at home.

Link to Term 1 Te Reo unit with words for haka powhiri and waiata

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Beach Description Writing

WALT: to include descriptive detail in our writing.

We wrote a paragraph describing our favourite beach, using tips from our Success Criteria to transport the reader.

Success Criteria

  1. Use descriptive (specific) vocabulary that suit the style of writing.
  2. Use language features like personification, metaphors etc
  3. Exaggerate
  4. Use a variety of senses.

These were our favourite lines: 
    1. Tears come to my eyes as my brother splashes me in the face.
    2. The blistering hot sand boils under my feet.
    3. Sand scratches at your legs as it races across the open beach.
    4. Tumbling under the waves makes me feel like I’m in a different world.
    5. Freezing cold water, even though it’s a hot sunny day.
    6. The sand burns the bottoms of my feet, as if I’m stepping on hot coals.
    7. The salty intoxicating breeze isn’t the best.
    8. When you sprint and jump across the hot sand, you look like an idiot.
    9. The white shiny sand glimmers in the burning sun.
    10. My sister brought me my ice cream, most of it was gone when my sister tried to save it, well I think.
    11. the waves shiny and salty in the sunset makes the sea look like a blue backyard.
    12. The scorching hot sand squishes through your toes as you near the water’s edge.
    13. It’s really hot today at Opunake beach, I usp to the sea saying “hot, hot, hot.”  
    14. The sand is black as night, but hot as the sun.
    15. The summer-hot sand was so hot it was like standing on a hot stove.
    16. People are running over the sand, which feels like a pan.
    17. The sand turns into a pan, with you as a piece of meat, burning away.
    18. The golden sand spreads across the beach.
    19. The glowing orange sun makes the water nice and clear.
    20. The scorching fire sand warms your body up before going in the ice cold water.
    21. The salty water fizzes in your nose when the waves tumble over you.
    22. The glistening crystal clear salty sea is beautiful at sunset.
    23. I walked onto the blistering hot sticky sand.
    24. My toes touch the blistering hot sand as I run towards the cold salty water.
    25. The golden sand tans the bottom of my feet as I run to the salty water.
    26. When I dive across the glassy water, I feel like a mermaid.
    27. My toes feel the cool calm water.


KIA ORA and WELCOME to ROOM 4!Term 1 2015

Class Goal: To be independent, life long learners.


I’m really looking forward to exploring technology this year, and going further down our path of digital learning.  

I encourage parents and family to come and have a chat, visit the classroom and see some of the work we are doing in Room 4.   Our classroom blog and google site are also a great way to see what’s going on in our class.  

If you have questions at any time during the year, please feel free to pop in for a visit after school, or to ring and set up a time to meet. 

General Reminders


Our P.E. focus for term 1 is swimming.  It is very important that students bring their togs and towel everyday so they are able to participate in these daily swimming sessions and water activities.


Homework will be given out on a Monday.  It will also be available on the class blog and google site.  Completing homework tasks is a great way to take learning outside the classroom, and to create a link between home and school. Activities are designed to support and extend the reading and maths learning we are doing in the classroom.
This year we also have a school Homework Passion Project, which has some fantastic challenges.  Check out our class site for more details about it.  

Tools for learning

It was really neat to see students arriving with the books and stationary they needed to start the year.  Having the right equipment really makes a big difference to the smooth running of our classroom and lets us focus on the learning rather than getting held up finding the tools we need.  I’d really appreciate your help keeping pencil cases up to date during the year.