Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Snippets of Great Writing by Room 4 Students

Down we go parachuting from our plane like raindrops. Out pops my parachute. Zink, zing, zink, bullets come flying at us. Heavy MG fire from the pillar boxes on the hill. We touch down in Utah. Pinned down by enemy fire, other troops come from the shore. Weaving through, wooden stakes, metal tripods and barbed wire, half our troopers can't make it.
- Richard 

It was a windy day and the leaves flew in the air like birds.
- Imogin

We were walking along an cliff face. It crumbled every step, wet slippery papa rock. I hear a splash from rocks crumbling off. 
- AJay

Voices echo in my head.
"Go home," they were whispering to me, " you don't belong here."
- Ivy

We looked above us and there was a missile that hit us and the explosion was like a nuke went off. It was loud and destructive. It destroyed the the barrier that was protecting us...
- Kalvin

I knew that this figure was just a figment of my imagination.
- Anika

Twisty trees cover my only exit. I’m cold, and the wind howls like a pack of wolfs. Out of the corner of my eye I glimpse a crumbling building.
- Charlie

Each finalist lined up on the start, and when "commence" rang in the air, six pairs of legs ran as fast as they could.
-       Sam

It all started with a girl with long blonde hair like curly fries and chocolate brown eyes. 
-       Camryn

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  1. Hi, What wonderful writing the students are showing...great descriptive language. It is wonderful to read them. You have amazing writers. Diane (Charlie's Grandma)

  2. I liked how Richard described his story. Joe
    I like all of your descriptive words. Kaydee
    I like how Richard described the parachutes falling down like raindrops. Luke
    I like how you had lots of key words in all of your sentences. Milly