Sunday, 7 September 2014

Fun Run.

Our Opunake Primary School Fun Run was held last week.  We had a great afternoon, and it was neat to see plenty of parents come along to support our students and help to make it a special day!  Brydee has written a this asweome story to describe the afternoon:

Fun Run 

It was a hot and sunny day. All the children lined up, ready for their race. Parents gathered around to support their children. The smell of a sausage sizzle hung around in the air. Kids waited with anticipation, for the day was cross country.

Mr Frank called for the 10 year old girls and boys. They lined up at the starting line and Miss Ogle blew the whistle,it echoed around the field. The girls took off like rockets. Everybody cheered for their best friends, children, classmates and students. Then the boys were off, applause and cheering sounded around the field.

I stood up nervously as Mr Frank summoned for the 11 year old girls and boys.  I lined up at the starting line my heart pumping hurriedly in my chest . I jiggled around on the line, adrenaline running my body. Miss Ogle blew the whistle and I took off trying to keep up with the other 11 year old's, Camryn, Dinah, Harlaquin, Amber and Summer. I heard my mothers voice cheering the loudest. I turned past the goal posts and jogged up the straight strip. Debbie stood on the corner, directing me left, I passed my teacher and kept on running. At the next corner I slowly kept jogging, knowing  I had two more laps.

I was comfortably in 3rd place. I jogged around corners. After a while I had to stop for a breath, but I kept going. I was speed walking. Then I decided to carry on running. I kept on jogging until I passed Debbie, who gave me a stick. I felt good. "Only one more lap to go!"

I jogged another whole lap. I carried on running. I was like a steam train, only running out of gas a couple of times. When I ran out of gas I would speed walk for a short distance and then continue running.

I was overjoyed when I turned the corner to run down the finish line. I ran through the car park and saw the finish line. Everybody was cheering and applauding. I was sprinting as fast as I could. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Amber behind me. I sprinted. My mother was cheering. "Go Brydee"

I got to the desk, and found out that I came 3rd. I crunched into the juicy that the home and school supplied.  I was overjoyed with 3rd place.

By Brydee Hunt 

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  1. Another great story Brydee we love how hard you are working at school .