Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Fantastic Writing

Room 4 students have been working on writing about a moment in time.  This is a fantastic piece of work written by Brydee H.  See more of her writing by following the link to Brydee's blog on our Room 4 student blogs list.


I sat deep in the saddle and tugged hard on the reins. He arched his neck trying to go. I gave him one more tug, my hands growing blisters immediately, I turned my head and cried out for help: "Karti he won't stop." My voice was shaky.
"Don't panic, slowly pull him up."
I tugged once more, successfully slowing him to a trot, then a walk.,

I breathed in relief. My heart was pumping like a boom-box. Karti strode over, her boots sinking in the grit. "Let's work on some halting."
I took a deep breath  and signalled for him to walk on.
"Halt" I gently pulled on the reins. He stopped instantly. After about 15 minutes of halting and walking, I felt like I had him under control. Jakartia then beckoned  for me to walk over.
"Just walk him around the arena slowly, if he trots, don't panic, slowly stop him." I nodded and turned him away.
I was walking calmly along. The sun was shining brightly and and the birds were chirping. The consequence of the next event scared me for life.

He started to trot. Jakartia voice played in my head. "If he trots, don't panic." Those last word echoed in my head: "Don't panic, don't panic, don't panic" I pulled as hard as I could, but he was a oblivious to my actions.

He turned the corner swiftly and sharply. I wrapped my legs around his belly. He threw his back legs into the air I landed in the saddle, unsteady. The wind burned my face. He bucked again. I fell. My head was banging against his shoulder. My hand gripped onto his mane. Every thing was in slow motion. The sky was bright white. I heard his hoof beats in my ears. I could see his muscles bulging in his shoulder and then he bucked.

A scream escaped my mouth as I was falling. I felt an excruciating pain shoot up my leg and then everything goes black.

My head was foggy and dizzy. I opened my eyes as I gasped for breath, I stood up and noticed I had a huge burn down my leg. But I was okay.

By Brydee

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  1. We are really proud of your fantastic writing Brydee well done.