Sunday, 10 August 2014

Room 4 Commonwealth Games

The first Room 4 Commonwealth Games were held in 2014 at Opunake School, where 28 athletes from 5 house teams competed in 7 events.

We assembled on the field, freezing, ready to compete in our first event.  The short-cut grass made our feet cold, wet and red.   The Green and Yellow teams crouched under the goal posts, ready to commence the 80m (which was actually 76m) sprint.

At the end of the athletics section of the day, which consisted of sprints, medium distance, hurdles and relays, Green was firmly in the lead.

Miss Churchman introduced the second event: hockey.  Green and Blue waited with anticipation for the whistle to blow.  It was a close match, but Blue made it through to the semi-finals.  Red and Orange were the next teams to play off for a spot on the podium.  After an epic penalty shootout between Sam (Yellow team) and Kayla (Blue team), Blue walked away with the gold medal.

Our final event of the day was netball.  Teams had to adjust the usual playing positions, due to team numbers.  We had a series of very close games, with Orange taking out the finals.

Well done to all Room 4 athletes for a fantastic day.  Everyone played had and showed awesome sportsmanship. More details of the day can be found on our individual student blogs.


  1. Awesome Commonwealth Games Room 4. It is great to read about the day. It is also great to see photos of the day.

  2. Awesome photos I like it

  3. Hullo Room 4,
    Great to hear and see the wonderful Room 4 Commonwealth Games day...New Zealand performed so well.
    You all look as though you had a fun day. :))
    Diane (Charlie's Grandma)

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