Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Girls Mean Business: interview with Hannah Williams

On Wednesday the 12th of March, year 7 and 8 girls from Opunake Primary School interviewed Hannah Williams. We are involved in the Girls Mean Business program, where we are learning to run our own businesses so that we can use the profit to go on camp at the end of the year. We were really excited to get the chance to interview Hannah, a successful store manager, to find out a bit more about what her job involves.
Everyone gathered around in a circle to film the interview. We asked Hannah about her job and what made her successful. The interview went really well, and we enjoyed learning some tips about how to run our businesses successfully.



  1. Girls I am very impressed with the questions you put together for the interview. Ms Churchman has been keeping me informed about your programme and it sounds like you are doing some awesome research before starting your own businesses. Well done. I know that Hannah really enjoyed coming along and talking with you.

  2. Great video girls and some well thought out questions .

  3. What a great idea. I was really impressed with the quality of your questions. It is great you are doing your homework before starting your business. Good Luck

  4. Jack Auroa New Zealand

    Great video Girls. there were some good questions. Good luck

  5. you're blog looks very good,I like how you have a selection of pictures and writing.From Dinah.