Sunday, 14 December 2014

The Worst Christmas Ever

Room 4 have been writing some amazing 'Worst Christmas Ever' stories.  Here are some snippets:

I felt the cold sting my skin. Sniggers filled the silence outside.
"Looking good princess" Hank called out.
"What a pretty fairy" cried out Johnny.
My face burnt with embarrassment. "Let's hurry up and get on with it" I said.
- Brydee

"Oh my god" I scream. My arms are weak and tired from holding on. I don't look down, I'm to petrified. I try to pull myself up by holding on to some lights... wrong idea. The Lights fall down and wrap around my legs. I use my other arm to try and pull myself up the guttering breaks. I stare over the hedge into neighbouring yards, staring at other normal houses with Christmas trees everywhere and lights not around peoples legs killing mine.
- Richard

- Blake

Have a look at our individual blogs to read more!

Monday, 15 September 2014

Shared Reading

The Seagull Sponge
W.A.L.T: identify techniques the author uses to make a normal, everyday event sound exciting.

Room 4 Predictions:
  1. Sea Gull eating sponge.
  2. Something to do with Sea Gulls.
  3. Feeding the Sea Gulls.
  4. Visiting the beach and a Sea Gull follows them home.
  5. Sponge cake.
  6. Baking a cake and calling it The Sea Gulls Sponge.
  7. Pet Sea Gulls.
  8. Day at the beach.
  9. Sponge Fish.
  10. Find an injured Sea Gull. 

The best bits of descriptive detail:
  • Peered at the greenish yellow slim that had once been called yolk.
  • I yelled at as the birds readied to plummet towards our head.
  • We waved sticks of Manauku in the air and inched our way towards land.
  • Aunt Nells eyes narrowed with suspicion
  • The gulls attacked like a rain of bullets.
  • They began peeling off and plummeting towards us. 
  • I retrieved my hat and rammed it down to my ears.
  • I grabbed his hand and dragged him along, his feet barely touching the ground. 
  • I surged across the channel. 
  • Jacob plonked down on the sand, refusing to move.
Words that suited the style of writing and were good choices:
  1. Raking- Draw together with a rake.
  2. Lurched-Uncontrolled movement.
  3. Colony- A group of people (or birds).
  4. Readied- Prepared.
  5. Suspicion - Curious. 
  6. regarded- to look upon.
  7. casualties-injuries.
  8. cringed-body hunches.
  9. plonked-sat down.
  10. clutch-hold tightly. 

Information the author gave to create a picture in our minds:
  • Peered at the greenish yellow slime.
  • We waited for the ebb tide to uncover the Pipi beds.
  • Jim, Brian, and I set off for the land.
  • blood trickles down my scalp.
  • Sinking her teeth into the fluffy yellow.

What did the author exaggerate?
Eggs being off. 
  • Aunt Neil wailed. 
  • Rotoura (stink)
  • Pinching her nostril's.
The author describes them like this because it makes a story out of a normal event.  The story sounds more interesting if the main events are exaggerated. 

Sea Gull attack.
  • blood trickling down.
  • with military precision.
  • like rain of bullets.
  • heart beating wildly 
Because it's the biggest problem in the story.  The story has been building up to this event.  It makes the story sound good.

So: What makes a good moment in time story?
-       Lots of descriptive detail
-       Exaggerating the main events
-       Add a few descriptive bits that sound funny / add  bit of background information.
-       Choosing good, specific vocabulary.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Snippets of Great Writing by Room 4 Students

Down we go parachuting from our plane like raindrops. Out pops my parachute. Zink, zing, zink, bullets come flying at us. Heavy MG fire from the pillar boxes on the hill. We touch down in Utah. Pinned down by enemy fire, other troops come from the shore. Weaving through, wooden stakes, metal tripods and barbed wire, half our troopers can't make it.
- Richard 

It was a windy day and the leaves flew in the air like birds.
- Imogin

We were walking along an cliff face. It crumbled every step, wet slippery papa rock. I hear a splash from rocks crumbling off. 
- AJay

Voices echo in my head.
"Go home," they were whispering to me, " you don't belong here."
- Ivy

We looked above us and there was a missile that hit us and the explosion was like a nuke went off. It was loud and destructive. It destroyed the the barrier that was protecting us...
- Kalvin

I knew that this figure was just a figment of my imagination.
- Anika

Twisty trees cover my only exit. I’m cold, and the wind howls like a pack of wolfs. Out of the corner of my eye I glimpse a crumbling building.
- Charlie

Each finalist lined up on the start, and when "commence" rang in the air, six pairs of legs ran as fast as they could.
-       Sam

It all started with a girl with long blonde hair like curly fries and chocolate brown eyes. 
-       Camryn

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Fantastic Writing

Room 4 students have been working on writing about a moment in time.  This is a fantastic piece of work written by Brydee H.  See more of her writing by following the link to Brydee's blog on our Room 4 student blogs list.


I sat deep in the saddle and tugged hard on the reins. He arched his neck trying to go. I gave him one more tug, my hands growing blisters immediately, I turned my head and cried out for help: "Karti he won't stop." My voice was shaky.
"Don't panic, slowly pull him up."
I tugged once more, successfully slowing him to a trot, then a walk.,

I breathed in relief. My heart was pumping like a boom-box. Karti strode over, her boots sinking in the grit. "Let's work on some halting."
I took a deep breath  and signalled for him to walk on.
"Halt" I gently pulled on the reins. He stopped instantly. After about 15 minutes of halting and walking, I felt like I had him under control. Jakartia then beckoned  for me to walk over.
"Just walk him around the arena slowly, if he trots, don't panic, slowly stop him." I nodded and turned him away.
I was walking calmly along. The sun was shining brightly and and the birds were chirping. The consequence of the next event scared me for life.

He started to trot. Jakartia voice played in my head. "If he trots, don't panic." Those last word echoed in my head: "Don't panic, don't panic, don't panic" I pulled as hard as I could, but he was a oblivious to my actions.

He turned the corner swiftly and sharply. I wrapped my legs around his belly. He threw his back legs into the air I landed in the saddle, unsteady. The wind burned my face. He bucked again. I fell. My head was banging against his shoulder. My hand gripped onto his mane. Every thing was in slow motion. The sky was bright white. I heard his hoof beats in my ears. I could see his muscles bulging in his shoulder and then he bucked.

A scream escaped my mouth as I was falling. I felt an excruciating pain shoot up my leg and then everything goes black.

My head was foggy and dizzy. I opened my eyes as I gasped for breath, I stood up and noticed I had a huge burn down my leg. But I was okay.

By Brydee

Monday, 8 September 2014

Shadow Photography

Shadow Photography

The Moa awards is a digital award ceremony for the best student blog,best class blog, best short film, best animation,best music video,best educational film, best actor, best actress,best narrater, best teaching with ICT, best graphic design poster, best original image,best Te Ao Maori.

In Room 4 we have been taking our own "Shadow Photography".
We went through this learning process:
  • Learning about shadow photography.
  • Planing our shots in our book.
  • Making a list of what props we will need.
  • Taking our photos.
For this shot you use a standard shadow and a coloured shadow. This photo works best on a plain background because it will be more difficult to see with a colourful background.  

This is a type of Shadow Photography is "The Shadow that's alive."
The idea of this shot is to make the Shadow look like an actual human.

We chose the type of shadow photography we wanted to experiment, and planned a series of 3 photos that told a story.  All it takes is a bit of imagination to come up with some great shots!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Fun Run.

Our Opunake Primary School Fun Run was held last week.  We had a great afternoon, and it was neat to see plenty of parents come along to support our students and help to make it a special day!  Brydee has written a this asweome story to describe the afternoon:

Fun Run 

It was a hot and sunny day. All the children lined up, ready for their race. Parents gathered around to support their children. The smell of a sausage sizzle hung around in the air. Kids waited with anticipation, for the day was cross country.

Mr Frank called for the 10 year old girls and boys. They lined up at the starting line and Miss Ogle blew the whistle,it echoed around the field. The girls took off like rockets. Everybody cheered for their best friends, children, classmates and students. Then the boys were off, applause and cheering sounded around the field.

I stood up nervously as Mr Frank summoned for the 11 year old girls and boys.  I lined up at the starting line my heart pumping hurriedly in my chest . I jiggled around on the line, adrenaline running my body. Miss Ogle blew the whistle and I took off trying to keep up with the other 11 year old's, Camryn, Dinah, Harlaquin, Amber and Summer. I heard my mothers voice cheering the loudest. I turned past the goal posts and jogged up the straight strip. Debbie stood on the corner, directing me left, I passed my teacher and kept on running. At the next corner I slowly kept jogging, knowing  I had two more laps.

I was comfortably in 3rd place. I jogged around corners. After a while I had to stop for a breath, but I kept going. I was speed walking. Then I decided to carry on running. I kept on jogging until I passed Debbie, who gave me a stick. I felt good. "Only one more lap to go!"

I jogged another whole lap. I carried on running. I was like a steam train, only running out of gas a couple of times. When I ran out of gas I would speed walk for a short distance and then continue running.

I was overjoyed when I turned the corner to run down the finish line. I ran through the car park and saw the finish line. Everybody was cheering and applauding. I was sprinting as fast as I could. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Amber behind me. I sprinted. My mother was cheering. "Go Brydee"

I got to the desk, and found out that I came 3rd. I crunched into the juicy that the home and school supplied.  I was overjoyed with 3rd place.

By Brydee Hunt 

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Room 4 Commonwealth Games

The first Room 4 Commonwealth Games were held in 2014 at Opunake School, where 28 athletes from 5 house teams competed in 7 events.

We assembled on the field, freezing, ready to compete in our first event.  The short-cut grass made our feet cold, wet and red.   The Green and Yellow teams crouched under the goal posts, ready to commence the 80m (which was actually 76m) sprint.

At the end of the athletics section of the day, which consisted of sprints, medium distance, hurdles and relays, Green was firmly in the lead.

Miss Churchman introduced the second event: hockey.  Green and Blue waited with anticipation for the whistle to blow.  It was a close match, but Blue made it through to the semi-finals.  Red and Orange were the next teams to play off for a spot on the podium.  After an epic penalty shootout between Sam (Yellow team) and Kayla (Blue team), Blue walked away with the gold medal.

Our final event of the day was netball.  Teams had to adjust the usual playing positions, due to team numbers.  We had a series of very close games, with Orange taking out the finals.

Well done to all Room 4 athletes for a fantastic day.  Everyone played had and showed awesome sportsmanship. More details of the day can be found on our individual student blogs.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Term 2 Open Day: A Slice of Time

Open Day was a fantastic celebration of our learning throughout Term 2.  It was great to see Room 4 students developing their communication skills as they co-operated with others to complete joint projects.  They have also been developing their research and self management skills as they investigated the impact of significant events in New Zealand's history to complete their inquiry projects.  Well done on an awesome term's work Room 4!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Drama Group Legend of Light

Miss Churchman's after school drama group have created their own film based on Tane me Te Whanau Marama, a play by Moira Wairama.  

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

A Slice of Time

We started the term with a dress up day for our 'Slice of Time' unit.  People wore costumes dating from the 90's all the way back to the 1800's.  

Teachers organised a great afternoon rotation playing old-fashioned games like tiddlywinks, four square and marbles. 

Term One Art Exhibition

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Great Wall of Room 4

The Great Wall of Room 4
Our school, Opunake Primary, sits on the west coast of New Zealand. Room 4 has a teacher, 20 students and the biggest class in the school - but there’s something missing. We have empty walls.  That's why we're making an art mural to fill in our walls and make our big class not feel so empty. 

The Berlin Wall
Our first step as a class was to find out about the Berlin wall.  The Berlin wall was built because of a conflict between East and West Germany.  Lots of people on the communist side had poor living conditions and they had no political freedom.  Then they put up the Berlin wall.  It was up for almost 28 years, to stop people from leaving.  When the wall came down in 1989, lots of artists from all over the world came together and trasformed the East side of the wall with their paintings, giving the wall a new look.

Eastside Gallery
This part of the wall is now the Eastside Gallery.  These paintings reflect the terrible parts of German history, show how they feel about it and their great hopes for a different and better future.  Lots of the paintings have slogans of hope and peace in them.  We analysed the art and found out what they meant.  For example, there was one piece of art that really stood out to me.  There was a hand poking out of  jail cell and he was doing the peace fingers and in the sky was a dove.  To me the dove showed peace and the person behind bars showed how everyone was trapped behind the wall.
That got our class thinking - what do we want out class room wall to be like? 

About our wall
We put all our heads together to work out what we really want our classroom to be like.  We wanted our paintings to show something about us, who we are, what our class is like, and something that would make people think about these messages.  Our painting had to be happy or positive.  
Madison: For my painting, Tanisha and I decided to do a couple of words together with a rose in between the words.  Our words were: Mind over matter. At first we thought is was a pretty good idea, but then we thought it was boring with just words, so then we did the rose and didn’t use the word ‘over’ because the word ‘mind’ is over the word ‘matter’.
Jamiee: Xanthe and I thought up our plan and loved it so much! Perfect! Our art had the word FREEDOM across the page and above that was a beautiful dove which meant peace.  Under freedom was the doves tail, and hanging under the dove’s tail was a key.The key meant that we can be free.  For our background we chose to have handprints, because the handprints show friendship and to be together.
Xanthe: Jamie and I drew a dove, the word freedom, a key, and hand prints as the background.  For usthe dove meant freedom/peace, the key symbolises unlocking our imaginations, the hand shows freindship, and lastly freedom meant we can be ourselves and show how unique we really are.

Now we have finally finished our part of the wall.  It looks fantastic to see it up in the classroom.  This project has been a lot of hard work with the research, planning, painting and more.  It was great fun too though, and we learnt a lot from it.  You have to work to get what you want.

By Quba, Madison, AJay, Kayla, Jamiee, Tanisha, Xanthe

“Their art inspired us to make our wall beautiful because our classroom walls were dull.” Josh

“Our art explains who we are and what we are like.” Caitlin

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Girls Mean Business: interview with Hannah Williams

On Wednesday the 12th of March, year 7 and 8 girls from Opunake Primary School interviewed Hannah Williams. We are involved in the Girls Mean Business program, where we are learning to run our own businesses so that we can use the profit to go on camp at the end of the year. We were really excited to get the chance to interview Hannah, a successful store manager, to find out a bit more about what her job involves.
Everyone gathered around in a circle to film the interview. We asked Hannah about her job and what made her successful. The interview went really well, and we enjoyed learning some tips about how to run our businesses successfully.


Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Art Exhibition

Meet the Teacher Art Exhibition!

Room 4 students investigated the history and significance of the tekoteko and studied the work of artists such as Andy Warhol and Dick Frizzle to help us design and create our own art work.

Come and see what we came up with!!

Opunake Primary School Learning Centre 
6:30pm - 7:30pm Thursday March 6th.