Monday, 16 November 2015

Cooperative Learning with Room 8

This week we have been working with students in Room 8 on a cooperative writing activity.  We have had a focus of describing the characters in our story in a realistic way, so we read a character description to a student in Room 8, and they drew what they thought the person might look like.

When the drawings are complete we will display them with our writing in the school corridor.  then it's time to trade places, and listen to some of the spooky stories our Room 8 buddies have been writing!

It was great fun working together, and having a chance to share our writing with an audience.

Class awards

From the left we have Jazlin, Tristan is holding Dinah's award but she is not here today. Tristan got the principals award, Megan, Josh, and Chase. All these people got these awards for being diligent in their writing.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

National Shake Out!

Everyone, everywhere should know the right action to take before, during and after an earthquake.
Today, Thursday 15 October, is the International ShakeOut Day of Action. New Zealand was the first country to participate this year, at 9:15am!
Organisers were aiming to get 1.5 million New Zealanders to participate, including Opunake Primary School!

Monday, 21 September 2015

Room four weather poems

Room four has being doing weather poems.

Suspense Writing

 Pharrell’s real life story. 

 It’s a thundering night. The power’s still on. I wonder if the power is going out.
Mum left and said 
“I'm going to the shop.” 
I said “no!”
The door shut. Five moments later the power goes out .I set up to attack.
It’s silent.
There’s someone at the door. I hide. I hear footsteps. I got the weapons ready for battle.
Toy cars go flying at the dark figure. I realise it’s mum.

“Sorry mum you look like a burglar that was trying to rob the house Sorry”. 

The Cook Off

In our class room we have a class point system and by the end the term we count up every groups points and the group with the most points gets a prize. The winners for term two were Dallas,Naleeah and Jazlin. As a rewards, they were invited to take part in THE BOYS vs GIRLS COOK-OFF CHALLENGE! To even up the numbers, Dallas was allowed to select one friend to assist him. Teams were assigned the challenge: To create an original, delicious and well presented dish of their choice that would wow judges. They had to prepare, cook and plate the dish on their own. One of the hardest parts was deciding on a dish to cook! We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to make a movie - and that will be coming out soon. Winners to be announced on the big screen!

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Crosscountry day for Opunake Primary School

Room 4, and the rest of Opunake Primary School, ran in the school cross country on Monday this week.  We were lucky enough to have a clear, sunny afternoon and it was great to see friends and whanau come out to support our runners.

Congratulations to all of our runners who trained hard and put in their best effort in the day.  Have a look at some of our individual blogs to find out more about the day!

Hi, my name is Pharrell me and Room 4 did crosscountry.

Every year Opunake Primary School do crosscountry. On cross country we can improve our running and health in our life. 

There were different age groups. Five and six year olds ran 2 laps of the field, seven and eights ran a lap of the block and it goes up. 

My age group was eleven and twelve. This was my race:

As I line up I wonder what will happen to me. Will I fall? Will I die? I breathe and get ready. My friend Reuben said "It's all right, you will beat me any and some of the others." 

Ready, set, go! I run as fast as I can. I run half of the corse. "Hey Pharrell," Reuben said, "Wait up" Reuben fell over. He got badly hurt. This put me down form first to last. As I put him down at the start, I run. I get back in the race. I was coming sixth and on the second lap I was coming fourth. I stay fourth for the rest of the race, three laps. It's the last lap I'm coming fourth someone passes me. He's almost at the finish line. I pass him as I cross the finish. I'm going to Mania.